Wingin' It: Dirty Bones, Kensington

Wingin’ It: Dirty Bones, Kensington

When I recently hit up Dirty Bones in all its try-hard trendy glory, it was largely to sample the wings. In the end, it was a slap up meal mostly comprised of good food, in an unnecessarily dark room, with a healthy amount of quibbles (and equally healthy bill). Read the full Scav Gourmet Dirty Bones review here.

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But first things first. The wings at Dirty Bones more than deserve their standalone post and, while far from perfect, were some of the nicest I can remember not coming laced with a Buffalo-style sauce.

Background: What the hell is Wingin’ It?

For £6, you get three whole wings – drumette and wingette – so a six piece plate at most joints. A quid on the steep side to my mind, but given we’re talking Kensington High Street, not awful value.


The dominant flavour was definitely citrus (plus bad photography, with a hint of equally poor Photoshopping), but unfortunately the promised chilli kick was only noticeable in garnish form. However, the chicken itself was superb, with a good amount of meat pulling fairly effortlessly off the bone. The citrus glaze, while kind of bland, was far from unpleasant with its vaguely Thai vibes – something a bit different for a ‘dirty food’ restaurant that actually worked.

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There are far worse things than a plate of wings and a (superb) cocktail at Dirty Bones if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. The only real complaint was that the skin wasn’t anywhere near as crisp as it should be, but on the whole I think they deserve good marks – in terms of overall quality, the comparison that immediately came to mind was Q Grill. You can check out my Q Grill review here.

The Dirty Bones wings are perfect if you fancy a change of pace from Buffalo or BBQ wings, and depending on where you live, may or may not be worth the trek.

Wingin’ It Verdict: 4/5
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