Wingin' It: Miran Masala, Olympia

Wingin’ It: Miran Masala, Olympia

If you’re anything like me, chances are you occasionally find your marooned in a peculiar corner of West London known as Olympia.

Head 15 minutes up the road to High Street Kensington or Earls Court and you’ve got the usual array of High Street eateries, including decent options like Byron and Masala Zone, plus intriguing restaurants proper in Kitchen W8 and the extortionately priced Yashin.

However, if you’re encamped further afield around the Olympia Exhibition Centre, you might think your tummy’s a bit short on luck. Whether you’re there to check out the annual showcase of bespoke equestrian accessories, view the latest in cutting edge toddler surveillance, or even attend a technology event, it’s not the most immediately alluring part of town.

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But it does boast one truly exceptional dining experience. My advice is to steer clear of the plethora of Persian joints lining the street – glorified kebab houses, basically – and make for the unassuming Mirin Masala directly across from the venue (it’s next to the pub, if you get confused).

A family-run Pakastani curry house, Miran Masala holds its own with Tooting’s best and blows most of Brick Lane away. From the super spicy curries – one seriously wimpy member of my team nearly fainted after ingesting a baby-sized dab of the house rogan josh – to the exceptional grills, it’s a genuine diamond in the rough that operates a BYOB policy as an added bonus.

Of course, it was the wings that I was most interested in. My party ordered both varieties, the jeera (cumin) as well as the more traditional-sounding tandoori types.

To be honest, I could scarcely tell the difference between the two flavours – leave your best witticisms about journalists at events in the comment section below – but these were really rather good wings. There wasn’t a hint of that slightly off-putting, garish purple colour you might associate with tandoori cooking, but instead heaps of yellow-tinged poultry that exuded fragrant and delicate spicing.

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Without being exceptionally moist, the meat was juicy and slid off the bone without too much effort, so I’m happy enough to rate the Mirin Masala wings as the best that I’ve reported on as part of my Wingin’ It endeavours to date. They’re far from the best wings in town, but still make for a far more virtuous benchmark than Nando’s. And you know what? They weren’t event inspired by a little town in upstate New York named Buffalo.

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In short, go to Miran Masala for a great curry and night out – stay and come back for the wings.

Wingin’ It Verdict: 3/5

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